The Rain Calendar Insight Panel's purpose is a specific one. It is not meant to be used over wide geographical area. Instead, it is designed to show you the year-over-year precipitation differences for a small region, over a given calendar month in time. The results can help you interpret whether the weekend was persistently rainy and whether that may have been the cause for a negative impact upon sales.  The default behavior uses your current location, but you can easily customize the time and location using the Settings Gear.

Rain Calendar Basics - Video Tutorial

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What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates the basics of the Rain Calendar, as well as the YOY Precipitation Differential Map. In this video, we will learn.

  • What the precipitation map is and why it is useful
  • How to read the map and change the settings
  • How to layer the map with complementary Insight Panels (specifically, the YOY Precipitation Differential Map) to create a useful view
  • How to read the data from the precipitation map and the rain calendar together