We recently finished an upgrade to your category and competitive monitoring service.  In addition to enabling new metrics, we upgraded the interface to make evaluating your items vs your competitors nearly seamless.  The upgrade also centralizes important visualizations so you can remain in the category monitoring research results wile viewing key visualizations including price change maps, price trend analysis, price point distributions.  Take advantage of our "Neighbor Analysis" to let you see which items are most often next to yours and much more.

(above shown is a sample result for a customer's competitive analysis of their item vs known competitors in the marketplace)

New visualizations include the following - price distribution, price change geography,  available quickly with just a click on the item of your choice:

Whether your a new customer or an existing customer - adding competitive category monitoring is a simple addition.  We use your existing item information to begin the process of mapping competitors so you can begin using the service quickly.  If you're interested or would like to see a demo - simply email sales@avantalytics.com