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Amy: Ross, what verbiage would you like added to the videos? Would you like simply a description of a video or some bulleted how-tos written out for people to be able to consult if they don't wish to watch the video?


The State Sales Heat Map is one of the most simple, powerful and useful ways to visualize data. The intuitive geographical interface allows you to  quickly understand how your sales are trending state by state without running several different reports first.

Anatomy of a State Sales Heat Map

Did you know?

You can customize the title and sub-title of most Insight Panels by accessing special drop down menus in the Settings Gear.

Table of Contents

Learn About Popular Use Cases
  • Using the State Sales Heat Map interactively with other Insight Panels
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State Sales Heat Map Basics - Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the major features of the State Sales Heat Map. In this video, we will learn:

  • How to add the heat map to our dashboard
  • The different components of the map
  • How to understand and interact with these components
  • How to access and change map settings, using the Settings Gear

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How to Run Reports - Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to run reports using the State Sales Heat Map. In this video, we will learn:

  • How to select the desired parameters for your report, using the Settings Gear
  • How to interpret data displayed on the Sales Heat Map
  • How to determine what data points to explore and, therefore, which reports to run
  • What clicking on states and regions on the State Sales Heat map achieves
  • How to run reports directly from the State Sales Heat Map
  • How to schedule and export reports
  • How to change parameters in a report that you have already run

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Did you know?

You can change the parameters of any report you run by double-clicking on the parameter you want changed listed in the blue box located in the upper left-hand corner of the report.

Additional Info for Inclusion in Insight Panel:

The State Sales Heat Map is one of the most simple, powerful and useful ways to visualize data. All you have to do is drag and drop this Insight Panel onto your dashboard and, in just a few seconds, you’re going to get sales for last week across the country in an interface that is simple to understand and interact with. Within this panel, you can quickly change time periods using the time legend across the bottom of the panel, or you can quickly change retailers in the settings menu using the gear icon. This Insight Panel is highly customizable, and it is designed so that you're never required to do a lot of heavy lifting. We've also designed the Sales Heat Map so that, while it's insightful on its own, its power is unleashed when combined with other Insight Panels. Used in combination with other panels, it gives you the ability to better see what’s going on with your products, and you can monitor trends quickly without having to recreate the wheel all the time. The Sales Heat Map is also designed to be an interface through it is easy for you to get quickly to the reporting interface. If you wanted to see what’s going on with sales in Florida, you can click on Florida, and the panel will quickly zoom into the state of Florida, and you can see what’s going on on a store level.

The advantage of this map is that it allows you to visualize your sales data, and you can quickly understand what’s going on without running several different reports first. If you want to see how a product sold at Store A compares with how the product sells at Store B, you can click on the settings menu, change the retailer and see immediately how the sales of the item compared during the same time period.

To the right is a state heat map customized designed to show you the strength of sales year-over-year, by state. This type of Insight Panel includes a handy zoom feature in the top left corner that can zoom all the way to store-level detail.

Store Level Reporting

From the store level zoom, you can see both sales performance by store, designated by the color of the circle, as well as sales volume denoted by the size of the circle for a given store. For store details, simply click on the store name, and Avantalytics will automatically run a report for the specific store, for the time period you've specified.

State Sales Heat Map Insight Panel

As with all the maps - you can export the map as an image by clicking on the "" bar, located at the top right of the panel. There are a variety of parameters you may customize on your map. Below is a list of the customizable options on the State Sales Heat Map:

The value of this insight can really be seen when you use it not just on its own, but together with additional heat maps showing different time periods or just specific categories of items.

With just a couple drag and drops of a few heat maps, you can quickly get a regional look at sales over multiple time periods!

This is just one of several "Heat Map" type insight panels, there are others including - "Market Sales Heat Map" which delineates sales by market instead of state.  There are also whether related maps to help you see weather factors such as precipitation or temperature over time and geography.  Some links to these panels specific articles are below:

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