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Choose several time periods to view year-over-year sales and inventory comparisons at the item and store level in a single report.

Table of Contents

Default Columns In This Report

  • Item Details
    • Retailer Category
    • Item #
    • Description
  • Region
    • Market
    • Store #
  • Latest Available Day
    • Units CY
    • Units PY
    • Sales CY
    • Sales PY
    • Units %
    • Sales %
  • Inventory Metrics
    • Units CY
    • Units PY
    • CY Cost$
    • PY Cost$
    • % Change
    • On Order
    • On Order Cost $

Column Definitions

Many of the column names are common between reports. We also use abbreviations to save space. To learn about the meaning of a specific column click on the link below for the glossary of column terms.

Report Columns / Terms Glossary