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This report allows you to choose several time periods to view year-over-year sales and inventory comparisons for each period in a single report. Additionally, it provides inventory data for the most recent time available.  This report is very useful as a web query as it can provide the equivalent data of multiple reports in a single request. This report allows drill-down capability to market and item-level details.

Note: The inventory data in this report is for the most recent time period, not for the time ranges you select.

Click-Through Interactivity

Notice in the above screenshot there are several columns where the text is blue. One of the big benefits of web reporting is the ability to embed a number of rich interaction links with more detailed results from inside a report. Usually a left-most column that is clickable (blue text) indicates a drill-down capability which will open a new report for the specific item or category with a greater level of data detail. Hovering your mouse over the link should provide you with a hint of what the link can do as well. Links in other columns often will provide you with pop-up graphs to enhance your understanding of the data in that row/column as well.

Default Columns In This Report

  • Category
  • Item #
  • Description
  • Sales Metrics Repeated Columns (for each time period chosen)
    • Units CY
    • Units PY
    • Sales CY
    • Sales PY
    • Units %
    • Sales %
  • Inventory Metrics
    • Units CY
    • Units PY
    • CY Cost$
    • PY Cost$
    • % Change
    • On Order

Column Definitions

Many of the column names are common between reports. We also use abbreviations to save space. To learn about the meaning of a specific column click on the link below for the glossary of column terms.

Report Columns / Terms Glossary