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This report shows you the detail of all markdowns made by field merchandisers. It is useful for understanding the causes of inventory loss.

Table of Contents

Default Columns In This Report

  • Date Counted
  • Collected By
  • Store#
  • Market
  • City
  • State
  • Retailer Category
  • Item#
  • Description
  • Previous OH
  • Adjusted OH

Adjusting On Hands From Within This Report

If you are responsible for maintaining your own inventory and have many people in field positions using mobile inventory scanning, its an inevitability that one person will intend to reduce a count by "5" for example, but instead of typing -5, they just put 5 in the entry field.  If you current inventory is 500, instead of being reduced to 495 to account for some damaged product, your inventory was just reduced by 495 units!  Luckily, like many web reports, you can fix these issues right from the report if you have the proper permission to do so.  Simply double - click on the "Adjusted OH" value you want to change - a pop-up will appear allowing you to enter the proper remaining on hand amount.  As you make this change, the inventory will be back-corrected to account for this change and in seconds this problem is quickly and easily erased.


Column Definitions

Many of the column names are common between reports. We also use abbreviations to save space. To learn about the meaning of a specific column click on the link below for the glossary of column terms.

Report Columns / Terms Glossary