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The pricing over / under insight provides a concise view of the competitiveness your items.  You can quickly spot how many items are over or under priced vs. competitors to assess where you and your customers' strategies may need price adjustment either upward or downward, due to competitive forces.  Each bar in the graph is interactive and provides a quick link to a comparison shopping report for the market or product category grouping you've chosen that corresponds to the bar clicked.

This insight panel can be very useful if you've taken advantage of the 24 categorization possibilities for your items. For example - if you entered the "Brand" as one of the categories, you can easily compare how many item/market combinations exist grouped by "Brand" to see where each brand may be in trouble or not.

Anatomy of the Pricing Over Under Insight Panel

Options for this insight panel are shown below:

You can choose to compare one or more competing retailers, but in practice this is best probably to compare just one retailer vs. another at a given time.  The other major option which is required and very powerful is the "Group Pricing By" option - this will allow you to evaluate pricing either by market or by any categorization type you have made for your items overall.

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