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The Temperature Heat Map is relatively simple: it shows the average lo/hi temperature by state for the given time period. It mimics what you might see in a newspaper periodical. Its time frame can be easily customized, by accessing the Settings Gear, for inclusion on shared views to help color your analysis of weather impact on things like sales growth and more.

Anatomy of the Temperature Heat Map

Temperature Heat Map Basics - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the major features of the Temperature Heat Map. In this video, we will learn:

  • How to add the map to your dashboard
  • How to read the map
  • How to zoom onto and move around the map
  • What the Export Bar is, and how to use it to export the map as an image or CSV
  • The different parameters in the map, and how to change them
  • How to move an existing insight panel around within a dashboard view