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The Multi-Retailer Sales Comparison insight is a great executive-level Insight Panel, as it allows you to quickly view top-line sales for multiple retailers in a concise view for each retail account's latest time period - usually the previous week. Sometimes the most difficult task in dealing with multiple retailers is aligning their time periods for a near apples-to-apples comparison, given that retailers have varying week-end dates, fiscal periods and other measurements of time. Because retailer's weeks end on different days and may update at different times throughout the week, the panel provides the "as-of" date to provide you the details on each retailer as a default. However, the Settings Gear lets you select among all your retailers for comparison. You can even limit the selection based on categories and other parameters of your choosing. The panel will then use your selections to narrow the reporting results for all retailers to just those categories that sell in all outlets, so that you can compare true apples-to-apples.

You can pair this panel with the Market Share Trend $ panel as well as the Market Share Trend Units panel to begin to build a view that gives you a vivid comparison of how your sales are doing from retailer to retailer, all before running a single report.

Anatomy of the Multi-Retailer Sales Comparison

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