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4-4-5 calendars are widely used in retail companies including, perhaps, your company, so we made sure to include a panel that was specifically tailored to this type of calendar. 4-4-5 calendars have advantages as well as disadvantages over traditional calendar reporting, but because Avantalytics transforms your raw data into our easy to load insight panels, you can have the best of both worlds by quickly dropping a 4-4-5 insight panel into a view with a Weekly Retail Sales Trend panel. All of a sudden, the advantages of both styles of comparing sales data are unlocked for you. Quickly compare week by weekday by weekday, quarter by quarter and calendar month by calendar month without having to change around Excel spreadsheets and re-crunch your sales numbers.

Did you know?

You will want to ensure that you have set identical time periods for any insight panels that you wish to compare to one another. Time periods can be accessed under the Settings Gear of each insight panel.

Anatomy of the 4-4-5 Retail Sales Trend

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Fig 1. Comparing the 4-4-5 Retail Sales Trend panel to the Weekly Sales Trend panel for identical time periods