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The Market Sales Overview is a table-style Insight Panel that compliments the Region Sales Heat Map. Both provide a "retailer's" view of their sales performance. If you sell to Home Depot, Lowe's or other large retail chains, you know that they typically report sales by market or district or other arbitrary regional distinctions. In Avantalytics, we mirror these regions for you so that you can get a geographical view of performance on their terms without the hassle of maintaining store lists. The table is interactive - you can click on a category, and you will be presented with a sales report for that category. All of the parameters you selected in the panel's Settings Gear will be carried into the report. You can easily change the Insight Panel so that it displays market, district, RDC regions and more simply by customizing the Settings Gear. Pairing the Market Sales Overview with the Region Sales Heat Map in a given view allows you to view your sales data from different angles quickly and automatically, before ever even running a report.

Anatomy of the Market Sales Overview

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Getting around the Settings Gear


Displayed to the right is a screenshot of the customizable settings for the Market Category Overview. This is designed to give you granular control on what data you want displayed on the table.

Did you know?

Any text in blue on a table-style insight panel is your clue that clicking on it will automatically run a report for you in a new tab, utilizing the underlying parameters you set up for the table in the Settings Gear.

Settings Gear Options for Market Sales Overview Insight Panel