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The State Sales Heat Map is one of the most simple, powerful and useful ways to visualize your sales data. The advantage of this map is that it allows you to geographically visualize your sales data, and you can quickly understand what’s going on without running several different reports first. If you want to see how a product sold at Store A compared with how the product sells at Store B, you can click on the settings menu, change the retailer and see immediately how the sales of the item compared during the same time period. You can also load several versions of the map, each tailored to a different retailer, to create one dashboard that encapsulates visual data for all retailers for quick and easy comparisons.

 We've designed the Sales Heat Map so that, while it's insightful on its own, its power is unleashed when combined with other Insight Panels. It pairs naturally with the Category Overview, which is a table-style insight panel and the Weekly Retail Sales Trend, which is a graph-style insight panel Used in combination with other panels, it gives you the ability to better see what’s going on with your products, and you can monitor trends quickly without having to recreate the wheel every Monday. 

Anatomy of the State Sales Heat Map

Did you know?

You can customize the title and sub-title of most Insight Panels by accessing special drop down menus in the Settings Gear.

Table of Contents

Learn About Popular Use Cases
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State Sales Heat Map Basics - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the major features of the State Sales Heat Map. In this video, we will learn:

  • How to add the heat map to our dashboard
  • The different components of the map
  • How to understand and interact with these components
  • How to access and change map settings, using the Settings Gear

Adobe Flash

We provide a number of videos for you to watch to help assist you in your learning. If you're using Chrome, you may see an Adobe Flash Download icon instead.  If this is the case - please click here to learn how to activate Adobe Flash Video for this site. Chrome Instructions For Adobe Flash.

How to Run Reports - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates how to run reports using the State Sales Heat Map. In this video, we will learn:

  • How to select the desired parameters for your report, using the Settings Gear
  • How to interpret data displayed on the Sales Heat Map
  • How to determine what data points to explore and, therefore, which reports to run
  • What clicking on states and regions on the State Sales Heat map achieves
  • How to run reports directly from the State Sales Heat Map
  • How to schedule and export reports
  • How to change parameters in a report that you have already run

Did you know?

You can change the parameters of any report you run by double-clicking on the parameter you want changed listed in the blue box located in the upper left-hand corner of the report.

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