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THDSA+ is our add-on analytics service which enables deep integration with data made available through The Home Depot Supplier Analytics program participation.  Having data available is only helpful if it can be meaningfully assimilated for analysis.  Avantalytics offers this service to efficiently and effectively combine analytics and metrics that extend beyond typical POS Sales Reporting into key emerging growth opportunities at The Home Depot. 

Subscribers will receive in depth analysis of visitor analytics, conversion rates, ratings, delivery channel and more through a common and familiar interface within Avantalytics. Moreover as additional metrics are available, this service will advance to digest and provide actionable information allowing you to benefit from our years of data analysis experience and keep apace with the emerging confluence of E-Commerce, B&M, Pro Sales and more at The Home Depot!

Help Answer These Key Questions & More:

  • Is the increase in E-commerce sales due to COVID and temporary or is it here to stay?
  • Are my B&M sales being bolstered or cannibalized by online sales activity?
  • Are customers reverse-”showrooming”? Does the consumer ability to see inventory availability and research online drive subsequent sales in-store(BOPIS and/or standard register sales)?
  • Do customer preferences on how they have their product delivery vary by geography?  Does this mean I should have MORE inventory in certain regions for online fulfillment via stores?
  • Does a bump in page views of a certain item precede a bump in sales @ B&M?

  • Which items should I consider better or worse for online promotions?  Does a Hot Buy or NLP increase my item's page rank? Does this increase page views?  What happens afterward?

  • How is poor page rank impacting my online sales performance for particular items?  Does higher page rank beget higher sales(self fulfilling prophecy or flywheel effect)?

How It Works

If you are a participant in The Home Depot Supplier Analytics program, your data can automatically be extracted and integrated with your traditional bricks and mortar data on as daily basis.  There is no additional integration necessary and the enhanced data metrics can be available under 48hrs after activation of the service.

How is it Different Than The Data Connect?

We utilize the data pull service to pull numerous streams of data and integrate them in ways not possible from direct query extraction.  We combine the resultant data with streams from the B&M sales information and other proprietary services we offer such as Weather, Category Monitoring, Marketplace Events, Signals service and more to all you to have an integrated view of the metrics made available.  This saves you hundreds of hours in development and maintenance and data pulling to give you the best of our service capabilities all in one place.

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