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This report provides you with the daily on hand calculated progression in order to best understand how an on hand has changed over time.  When working with a pay-by-scan program inventory is not provided from the retailer, but instead must be managed and calculated on an on-going basis internally. This report provides the daily progression of on hands, inclusive of daily sales through the register, on hand count changes, shipments into the store to provide a detailed view of on hands.

Table of Contents

Default Columns In This Report

  • Store # - the retailer store number
  • Item # – the retailer item number
  • Daily Units Sold – the number of units sold during the day
  • Remain OH – the number of units reported remaining at the end of the day
  • Source – the last source of update on the row, this can be a shipment, THDSA data, EDI 850 data, perpetual count change or inventory calculation or carryover
  • Sales Date - the date of the sales / inventory reported
  • Shipments – the number of units shipped into the store during the day
  • PO – the purchase order on which the shipments arrived (if applicable)
  • Prior Day OH – the reported inventory the prior day
  • Perpetual Count? – if there was a reported inventory adjustment  from markdown,dump or perpetual counting
  • Perpetual Amt Chg. – if a perpetual count changed, this indicates the change direction
  • Calculated Remain – the calculated remain on hand 
  • Discrepancy – whether there is a discrepancy between the actual remain and calculated remain
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1 Comment

  1. Note - the discrepancy column may show values from time to time depending on the retailer.  This is almost certainly due to the presence of returns being applied.  Avantalytics does not consider returns as sale-able units so they're not returned to inventory, however they are applied to the units sold (a reduction to) in order to recognize the impact of returns on sales overall.