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Published 5/1/2020 – In a pay-by-scan world, managing inventory and markdowns can be a challenge. With our mobility app you can enable your field teams to utilize barcode scanning, but how can you track when particularly large markdowns are being taken?  The answer is through Setting and Managing Notifications.  In particular you would want to utilize Notification 21 – Perpetual Count Adjustment.  Shown below you can customize which changes you get alerted to based on retailer, you can choose to limit alerts to certain items or groups of items. You can limit the stores you want to monitor, or only be alerted based on certain markdown types and the amount in dollars or units!  Notifications are flexible – you can set as many as you like with different settings for each to achieve total monitoring without "drinking from a fire hose" with alerts coming in by the dozen or hundred each day.  

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