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If you are managing your own inventory via a vendor-managed inventory or "Pay-By-Scan" program, your probably accustomed to the problems with capturing markdowns, "dumps" and doing normal inventory counts.  While our system has all the tools to enable realtime inventory, many customers are often faced with dealing with one or more third party services for collecting this data.  In these instances the data you get is often subject to a collection/transmission lag time and is most often delivered in spreadsheet form.  To help ease and integrate this data, we provide a "Bulk On Hand Change" interface that allows you to upload this data with minimal required fields.  A sample is shown below.  

As with the rest of our application, uploading can be done simply by copy/paste from an Excel file.  In this case we require a retailer store#, the item# or SKU, the date the count was recorded and the remaining on hand value at that place / time.  When you upload this the data will cause a recalculation of current and historical inventory and within minutes this data is integrated in your inventory data.

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