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If you're a pay-by-scan vendor responsible for maintaining your own inventory, you've probably run across the case where a field person incorrectly enters an erroneous count in their mobile app.  Whether they meant to change the count from 50 to 40 and accidentally hit 400, or whether they forgot to put a negative (minus) sign in front of the count to signal a relative decrease, the result is your inventory can change by a lot very quickly!  Luckily monitoring for these things is easy and making corrections is just as easy.


Getting alerted to large inventory changes is simple - just go into your Notifications in the main website and find the Perpetual Count Adjustment Notification.  The options will look like below.  You can customize which stores to monitor, which items (or all items) and set thresholds by units or cost$ values.  Choose whether to receive email notifications, mobile app notifications or both!  As you do this, you'll get notified of large changes that might warrant follow-up and correction.

Correcting Errors

To correct any errors, simply run Merchandiser Markdowns History (88) report for the time period / store involved, find the erroneous count and double click on the "Adjusted OH" value.  A popup will show up allowing you to correct the issue right away.  The counts get automatically adjusted and you're done!

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