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Hello, we've come through winter and into a pandemic, but that hasn't stopped us from continuing to innovate around retail analytics at amazing rate.   Over the next 30 days we'll begin to update our users on the new features that have been in development with key client partners and early adopters as they become ready for general adoption.  Our first is a small, but helpful one - the integration of UPC 128A barcode generation.  Put simply we've integrated the ability to get the barcode (for scanning purposes) wherever you find a UPC in our service currently.  The genesis of this came from the increasing use of barcode scanning in-stores and at customer locations for inventory tracking and more.  Often times either we or our customers were found without a barcode to use and so we figured - lets integrate a generator to turn any 12 digit UPC into a barcode!  Below is a sneak peak at a couple reports where its available and the output. Expect to see this in many more places!

Simply clicking on the web report link for the UPC opens a new window with the ability to then scan using the mobile app barcode scanner right on your computer screen!

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