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This notification gives you the ability to be notified when inventory count changes occur through the mobile app or bulk upload.  The main reason to monitor these is to be notified if changes occur which exceed a given threshold of value or inventory unit size so you can identify mistakes or follow-up on large changes.  As with most notifications you can maintain more than one alert trigger for a given notification.  In this notification you can choose to only be notified for certain items, or changes only occuring in certain regions dictated by custom regions you maintain and can choose between.  The threshold for alerts can be set based on a unit change (positive or negative) as well as a Cost $ change threshold.  In most cases we recommend Cost $ changes as you can set one notification for many items easily without getting false positive alerts for low-cost numerous items.

Notification Listing

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Learn About Popular Use Cases
  • Get Notified About New POS Data
    In many cases retail data arrives on irregular schedules - setting a notification can allow you to delay reporting until the new data has arrived.

  • Get Notified About Large Perpetual Count Changes
    With hundreds of on hand count changes being made throughout the days and weeks during season, usually you only want to be alerted to changes which indicate a large impact.

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