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When clients who service Meijer got to set up new items in Avantalytics they need to provide an item → UPC map in order to have the Meijer EDI data report correctly at the item level.  However lookups for new items in Meijer VendorNet provide UPCs in 11 digit format while the EDI data reports data in the 12 digit (GTIN-12) format.  Submissions with 11 digits therefore won't tie out to EDI results.


The solution resides in what is called a "check digit" in UPC GS1 parlance.  There are lots of tools that can calculate check digits

  1. Open this website  and enter your 11 digit UPC, it will provide you the 12th (check) digit.
  2. Use the 12 digit UPC for your item setup.

If you run into this alot you can create an Excel file with a formula for calculating the check digit by following the steps in the link below: