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This report allows you to review set budgeted hours for each store by day, compare to the hours scheduled for the same and finally compare to actuals as your field teams spend time in the stores. It can help determine where budgets hours need scheduling of personnel needs to done in one simple view and allows for entry of scheduling directly from the web report.  The web report is interactive allowing you to click on the "Scheduled Hrs" column value and set the hours for that store/day immediately.

Table of Contents

Reporting Usage

This report is the cornerstone used to marry your high level budgeting values against how many of those hours have been scheduled – that is a person has been assigned to these hours and then to ultimately gauge actuals as the period progresses.  Scheduling can be done directly from the report by double-clicking on the "Scheduled Hrs" cell.  As you do a pop-up will allow you to assign persons.  As a convenience, the last person to be in this store is filled in to allow you to avoid searching if the person is a routine visitor.  You can change the user by typing in a different name an using the autofill.  

Default Columns In This Report

  • Chain / Retailer
  • Store #
  • City
  • State
  • Market
  • Budget Date
  • Budget Hrs - the number of hours allocated for time spent merchandising for the day
  • Scheduled Hrs - the number of hours currently scheduled to be covered by a merchandiser
  • Budget Vs. Scheduled - the difference between budgeted and scheduled hours currently - can indicate more scheduling needs to be completed.
  • Actual Hrs – The number of actual hours spent in the store for the given day.  It is helpful to compare budget and scheduling.
  • Actuals Vs. Budget - the number of actual hours spent vs the budget.
  • Actuals Vs. Scheduled – the number of actual hours spent vs those scheduled.
  • Last Changed - who last set the store budget hours value
  • Last Changed By - the user who last made the budget hours change.

Column Definitions

Many of the column names are common between reports. We also use abbreviations to save space. To learn about the meaning of a specific column click on the link below for the glossary of column terms.

Report Columns / Terms Glossary