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Getting help with Avantalytics is easy and can be done in a number of ways, but a core part of this is the submission of support tickets.  Common help requests stem from new item activations, new users, password resets, help with changing custom regions and groups, help with reports and much more.  Whatever the issue - we're here to help!  Keep reading below to make sure that you give us the information we need to help you the first time - this can save a lot of lag time between support responses and  follow-up questions.

Help With Reports / Reporting

Reports are set up so that each report you run has a unique identifier corresponding to both the report and the specific parameters you've chosen for the report. In this way, the identifier serves as the quickest way for us to reference the report to diagnose any problem or question you may be having.  No other piece of information is more helpful to us than this.

Where is this idenitifier?

When you run a report - a new browser window will open and the report should eventually generate in this browser tab.  The URL in this browser tab has the report ID embedded in it, so the easiest way to give us a reference to this important information is to simply include the entire URL in your support ticket.  An example is shown below with highlights:

Make things easy - just copy and past the entire URL - we can handle it from there.

Note: often times people will send us the URL of the main application - this is not what we need as no information is held in it.  An example of the main application  URL is: 

Notice how there is no information for us to glean in the URL compared to the screenshot.


If you're having trouble with a webquery, the main information we need to help you is the Excel file with the webquery in it.  Its often the case that the webquery was embedded incorrectly or there is an issue with a specific version of Excel.  By including the file you give us the ability to open it and attempt to refresh it as you would.  Providing the webquery URL is also helpful because it lets us diagnose the report itself.  Please provide both if at all possible.   If your workbook contains many worksheets or webqueries - please include the name of the worksheet for the webquery that is causing you issues.

Help With Ordering Templates

Ordering templates are another area where a little bit of inexperience or mis-configuration can lead to the need for help.  The key piece of information we need to assist you with help is the name of the template.  Each template is unique based on its name.  Often times people will submit the name as "its the ATL template" or something similar.  This is not helpful, especially if you have several templates relating to or containing "ATL" in the template, as often the case.

What we need: a screenshot of the template is great in this instance, as well as the retailer the template relates to. An example of what we need is shown below - its a screenshot of the template and its details.

Note:  we also will ask that you select the checkbox to "Share" the template.  The reason for this is so that we can make a copy of it and test it without interrupting any in-progress template runs you may be using.  So please check the box as well.

Help With Views / Insight Panels

Insight Panels and Views are conerstone of the visualization capabilities in Avantalytics.  They're incredibly flexible and sometimes to the point where a user can be overwhelmed with options and may choose something that creates a result they didn't expect or desire.  Below is the information you should provide to most efficiently file a support ticket.

What we need: If you are encountering strange behavior with a view or a specific panel - the best thing to do is to create a new view and add the insight panel you're having issues with to and set the parameters as you think should be appropriate.  Save the new view and provide the name of the view to us.  Great view names are Support, Testx and such.  Once you've done this we can investigate the test case without worrying about your existing view.  We'll provide you with guidance and help to then create the appropriate insight panel in the view you were originally working on.

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