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Automated Ordering is another premium service designed for those suppliers wrestling with the burden of placing their own orders and managing stocking levels at their retailers stores.  This section will provide you with details and option available to you regarding this service.  Please continue reading below.

Sample Features

Template Driven Ordering

One of the main features (besides automation) is the ability to create and maintain "templates" - otherwise known as rule-sets for different groups of stores, different item groups, even different times of year so that you can quickly pick the best set of rules to have the computer generate the most accurate order given the circumstances.  The above screenshot shows a sample listing of a users template list.  You can set a number of parameters upon creation and then update them after the fact.  You can copy templates in order to make alterations to one while retaining the original.  You can share templates to allow other users to make copies of them and use for their ordering.  The whole goal is to make order generation automated, but directed by a human.  And of course you always make changes to the template results once its run!

Making Changes To Template Results

Above a screenshot of a sample result of a template.  When you run a template, it opens a new browser tab to allow you to utilize the full screen.  Across the top are summary data that will change as you work or change the order results shown in the table below.  The table is incredibly interactive and warrants a page unto itself to learn all the things you can do with it.  For now - its enough to know that you can customize the reported data it returns with over 50 metrics and you can move the columns around, sort and filter the data as well as use any of the "Power Buttons" on the top to apply bulk changes to the results before ultimately finalizing the order for extraction to your warehouse inventory and shipment fulfillment system.

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