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This report allows you to run any of your pre-existing ordering template rule-sets and have the results delivered into a report instead of the UI for ordering customization.  This is incredibly handy because it allows you to access the data both in the web report, but perhaps most importantly - to embed the results into Excel and do whatever you want with the results.  Another options is to send the result as a web link so that other members of your team can see the needs of the store(s) in live fashion.

In order to utilize this report you'll also have to access to the automated ordering interface.  The report itself has relatively few options for customizing as all the parameters are designed to be set and maintained from the ordering interface.

Note: If the ordering template is set to draw from your inventory, this report will temporarily draw from inventory while it is running.  Once it has returned results the inventory will be immediately returned to the pool. 

Table of Contents

Default Columns In This Report

The default columns in this report are dictated entirely by the column visibility and order of the your ordering preferences.  Any changes there will affect the output of this report directly.

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