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Published 11/5/18 — We're always improving the customer experience here at Avantalytics. We've introduced a couple of great features to the Avantalytics app that will look familiar to home office staff. We think it's important to allow any person working for a company to go mobile if they need to. Now, on the Avantalytics app, which is available in the iTunes and Google Play stores, users can bring up insight panel views as well as reports. Let's check out how it works!

Once you are logged into the Avantalytics app (don't forget to localize!), this is the set of icons you will now see on the main screen (click any image to enlarge). First, we'll check out the new views feature by simply clicking the "Views" icon:

Any view you have created and set as public on the Avantalytics website will populate the next screen. If you need help learning how to build and share views, make sure to check out our great video tutorial on that as well. But for now, it looks like we have a few views we can check out. We'll click on the "Home Depot Sales Reps" view:

Below, we have our loaded mobile-ready view. Obviously the screen space is limited on a mobile device, so the insight panels load one on top of each other. If this view has more views, you would scroll down to locate them. Share and reload buttons are available and located in the upper right hand side, shown here highlighted in green:

The other new update is that reports are now available on mobile, under the "Sales" icon:

We have a couple of helpful reports to choose from, and we'll select the "Payroll Time & Mileage by Person / Day":

Once you click on a report, it filters to some mobile-ready filtering options. Select your parameters from the drop down menus and then click "Run Report."

Your phone will produce a full report, where you have the ability to scroll in four directions to see all of your rows and columns:

We hope you find these features useful out in the field!

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