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The State Sales Heat Map is one of the most simple, powerful and useful ways to visualize data. All you have to do is drag and drop this Insight Panel onto your dashboard and, in just a few seconds, you’re going to get sales for last week across the country in an interface that is simple to understand and interact with. Within this panel, you can quickly change time periods using the time legend across the bottom of the panel, or you can quickly change retailers in the settings menu using the gear icon. This Insight Panel is highly customizable, and it is designed so that you're never required to do a lot of heavy lifting. We've also designed the Sales Heat Map so that, while it's insightful on its own, its power is unleashed when combined with other Insight Panels. Used in combination with other panels, it gives you the ability to better see what’s going on with your products, and you can monitor trends quickly without having to recreate the wheel all the time. The Sales Heat Map is also designed to be an interface through it is easy for you to get quickly to the reporting interface. If you wanted to see what’s going on with sales in Florida, you can click on Florida, and the panel will quickly zoom into the state of Florida, and you can see what’s going on on a store level.

The advantage of this map is that it allows you to visualize your sales data, and you can quickly understand what’s going on without running several different reports first. If you want to see how a product sold at Store A compares with how the product sells at Store B, you can click on the settings menu, change the retailer and see immediately how the sales of the item compared during the same time period.

Table of Contents

titleState Sales Heat Map Insight Panel

Anatomy of a State Sales Heat Map

  1. Expand
    titleInsight Panel Title

    The Insight Panel title makes it easy for you to quickly see the main parameters of the report, such as the retailer and the time period.

  2. Expand
    titleZoom Bar

    The Zoom Bar allows you to zoom in on the map. You can simply drag the map with your mouse to re-center.

  3. Expand
    titleExpand Button

    The Expand Button allows you to expand the Insight Panel to full screen.

  4. Expand
    titleSettings Gear

    The Settings Gear brings up the menu that lists all available parameters you can alter to customize your map. Common examples are retailer, time period and sales metric.

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    titleHelp Button

    The Help Button brings you to the related documentation page for further information about the Insight Panel. Hey, you're already here!

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    titleClose Button

    The Close Button removes the Insight Panel from your dashboard.

  7. Expand
    titleExport Bar

    The Export Bar allows you to export = the heat map in various image formats (jpeg, png, etc) for sharing, inserting into PowerPoints and more. It also allows you to export the raw report that powers the map as an Excel document or CSV.

  8. Expand

    The Scale lets you know which metric the colors on the map are measuring.

  9. Expand
    titleTime Legend

    The Time Legend shows you which time frame the map is displaying and you also allows you to quickly change the time frame by clicking on any of the displayed options.

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Getting Around the State Sales Heat Map

The primary purpose of the State Sales Heat Map is to quickly show you what is happening with your products across the country, using simple geographic visualizations. From this overview, you can quickly change parameters to see new variants on the map without having to compile several different reports. The heat map makes it easy to drill down into more detailed views and also allows you to quickly get into the reports with raw numbers, all without having to compile data and run reports the old-fashioned way. On top of all that, Avantalytics makes it easy for you to share your data with your colleagues and customers, and it will always have the most up-to-date data, automatically. Let's check out how the State Sales Heat Map works:

Let's look at the Sales Heat Map for Acme Brick, our fictitious business.

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