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Q - When I hit the "Copy" button to export order results and paste the result into Excel, its not formatted correctly?  How can I fix this?

This is most often an issue within the browser's copy/paste buffer.  Usually a close/re-open of the browser will alleviate the problem.  If you are using Excel 365 it may also be a result of an update to Excel. Updates occur on an on-going basis and often times are made without "requiring" a restart of Excel or Windows 10.  We've seen instances where unpredictable behavior occurs in this instance and the best remedy is to perform full restart of your computer to ensure updates are applied consistently.

Q - How do I set minimums for a specific item in a single store?

To do this you need to enter a "store specific" pricing/availability entry.  Generally the rules for what items are available, how much should be maintained in inventory etc are all set across a given market / patch. However you can supplement these with store specific entries.  Have a look at this link: Item Availability & Ordering Rules

Q - Where can I view current availability and order rules?

There is a report called Item / Market Availability Listing  (Report 53) under Miscellaneous Report in the reporting library, run that report.

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