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New in 2019 is the ability to schedule your merchandisers time and location by week.  If you're a merchandising company with hundreds or thousand's of people working in the field during season, you need to make sure that every store is getting the proper amount of hours and that you're directing your field personnel where they need to go.  To this end we've enabled you to schedule and monitor both with our new calendar enabled interface shown below.

Manage User Groups

Managing User Hours

On the left side when you pick your user group to get a list of users, you'll see their cumulative hours on the right for each person.  As you click and drag them onto the calendar and adjust their times, the hours figures will adjust to show you their totals. 

Managing Store Hours

Store budget hours are uploaded separately, but can be monitored and checked when assigning merchandisers to stores.  As you assign time, the cumulative store hours are also tracked and you'll be alerted if you exceed the weekly budget given.