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Published 12/29/18 — A customer request lead to this enhancement - its a simple one to understand, but important to us as we're always looking to improve the user experience and usability of the facets of our services.  Toward this end, we've added a user configurable parameter that allows you to choose whether you'd like to have the totals in the web reports summarized above or below the report data.  Nothing else has changed - you can still filter and sort and the totals will adjust to your filters automatically as before.  Below are some simple screenshots to provide an example of the feature.

To take advantage of this customization - simply click the "Gears" at the top right of the main application screen - when your user preferences appear, look to the bottom left where all your currently available customizable behavior preferences are located (as shown below) and select either "After" or "Before" to set your preference.  The default behavior remains "After" and it should be noted any reports shared will use the default rather than your customized choice.

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