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Published 12/20/18 — As part of an overall update to our competitive monitoring and category management service, we upgraded this insight panel to allow you view the number of instances where your items are over or under priced by allowing you to group the counts over any of your 24 categorization paradigms you may have set up.  Previously the insight only reported totals by market/patch - and this remains the default choice, but now you can use the gear to select alternate grouping methods.  A common use case for this upgrade could be that you may wish to view price competitiveness by brand for your products.  If you have the brand categorized properly, you can choose it and be  viewing your competitive price posture by brand in less than 60 seconds.

You can still filter items to make a more refined comparison as you like as well.  The result of this upgrade also makes the existing insight panel for "Brand Pricing Over/Under" obsolete and it will likely be removed in the near future as users transition away from its use.  Below are couple example screenshots of what you can do with a few mouse clicks!  And just for good measure - the row bars shown are interactive - clicking on one of them will provide you with a competitive shop report for the market or items you've chosen.  Happy hunting!

Stay tuned for more updates on category monitoring features released soon!

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