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This is another insight panel that is simple in execution but can come in quite handy. The purpose of this panel is to have a quick visual at your fingertips to tell you if the temperature in a given state is higher or lower than it was on this day the year prior. Hovering over any state will bring up a box that lets you know the number of degrees the temperature is higher or lower. This can compliment any number of insight panels, and we recommend it as a great addition to any view you have built using other insight panels.

Anatomy of the YOY Temp Diff Heat Map

Table of Contents

YOY Temp. Differential Heat Map Basics - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates how to use the major features of the YOY Temp Differential Heat Map. In this video, we will learn:

  • How to layer similar Insight Panels together
  • How to build a new Dashboard View
  • How to save a new Dashboard View
  • How to read the YOY Temp. Diff Map by itself and with other Insight Panels