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Similar to the Precipitation Heat Map - the Year-Over-Year Daily Precipitation Map shows rain patterns geographically over time. However, unlike the precipitation map, this map provides you an analysis of improvement or degradation in precipitation from the same period during the prior year.  This insight panel helps answer the question, "Well, I know it was sunny this past weekend, why were our sales not up more?"  If the weather was sunny last year, its likely that you won't receive a significant sales lift because the weather was similar. The map also helps answer why sales were much better or worse through evaluation of a "good last year, bad this year" or "bad last year, good this year" analysis.

Anatomy of the YOY Daily Precip Map

Table of Contents

YOY Precipitation Differential Map Basics - Video Tutorial

What's Inside

This video tutorial demonstrates the basics of the YOY Precipitation Differential Map, as well as the Rain Calendar. In this video, we will learn.

  • What the precipitation map is and why it is useful
  • How to read the map and change the settings
  • How to layer the map with complementary Insight Panels (specifically, the Rain Calendar) to create a useful dashboard
  • How to read the data from the precipitation map and the rain calendar together