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The Weekly Sales Trend is one of the most-used graph-style insights we offer. This panel allows you to view year-over-year performance for a variety of chosen metrics simply by selecting the options you desire using the Settings Gear.  This insight panel is also capable of displaying multiple retailers at once. This makes multi-retail, time-based comparisons easy, even if their week-ending dates don't easily align.  The insight panel is interactive - click on any point on any line and it will provide you with sales information for the given week and retailer you've chosen - so you can quickly drill in to see what's going on in a given week.

This panel is the graph-style counterpart to the State Sales Heat Map and the Category Overview and, when combined together on one view, these three panels can quickly tell you the what, when and where of your sales data, before running a single report.

Anatomy of the Weekly Retail Sales Trend