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Avantalytics allows you to manage field users via native app, but we also provide the ability to message one or more persons with ease. This can be of great convenience because it allows you to utilize the user groups you have in the system to message an number of people easily. Unless otherwise contracted in your service agreement, these charges are extra and billed at the rate shown below.

In order for this service to work effectively you need to ensure that we have the accurate cell phone numbers on file for each of the users in your system.

Sending Group Messages

Billing & Setting Limits

Unless otherwise agreed, SMS text message rates apply at $0.01 / Text message sent.  While you can send a text to dozens or hundreds of persons in your organization, text rates apply at the rate of $0.01 / Person / Text sent.  You can have monthly text limit set at the account limit to ensure you don't get billed for more than you pre-set.  Contact or your account manager to have these levels set or changed.

Automated SMS Texts

Another feature of the SMS text communication mechanism is to have texts sent to employees when certain events occur.  The primary events are Daily & Weekly Hours Thresholds.  The use in this is to make sure that the user receives an alert as soon as possible should their hours be reaching a preset level whereby the employees should take action - such as log out or check in with the manager.  See Setting and Managing Notifications for more information.