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The temperature trend insight panel allows you to visualize changes in temperature over time for given region.  The main purpose of this can be to judge seasonality shifts year-over-year and to see whether you're headed into, currently in or moving out a warm or cold spell.  The temperature data is aggregated over the region you select, so we recommend choosing a reasonable region that is not overly large - otherwise temperature differences in one area will offset those in others - leading to muddled results.

Anatomy of the Days of Rain Map

Innovative Features

If you're interested in weather, you're interested in two things - knowing what just happened so you can explain/attribute recent sales performance to a weather trend or you're interested in what is going to happen.  This insight panel is capable of both.  Below is a panel showing the Greater NYC / NJ / CT region since the beginning of 2019 - while weather started warm - as shown by the consecutively larger orange series indicating a number of warming days in a row, since 2/10/19 -  its been cool for a very dismally long period.  So its been cold.  But is it going to warm back up?  Luckily you can see below - we can show you up to 7 days in the future as of writing (2/22/19) to allow you to monitor what is going to happen as well.  To do so - simply click the "Include Forecast" option in the gear settings.

Gear Options

The gear options are mostly familiar - you choose a retailer to allow you to choose the locations for which you'd like  to view temperature trend data.  You can select a time frame or enter a custom time frame.  The unique option is to allow you to select one or more metrics in the "Temperature Metric" option.  While you can select many, we suggest keeping it simple.  For most people the most insightful metric to view is the "Net Days Warmer" - which shows you how many days during the period (net of warmer and cooler days) the temperature was warmer.  This is useful because it shows the cumulative impact of a warm periods and can still show when you've hit a cold spell (the net graph slope will be downward).

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