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Sharing views externally is one way to share data.  However, within your organization you can share views in a more fine grained fashion, if you so choose, using Custom User Groups.

This guide assumes you've created a custom user group and have at least one view which you would like to share.  If you haven't done these things, please review the links below first:

Learning Views

Creating User Groups

Step-by-step guide

To get started (click on all images to enlarge):

  1. Login to Avantalytics and access Account Settings > Manage Views from the fly-out menu.

  2.  You'll be presented with a list of your views you've created that will look similar to below.  In order to share a view you must first check the checkbox "Share Internally".  Once you've done that refresh the view list by repeating step 1 until you see the "Share List" option below the view you wish to share.

  3. To share the view  - click the link "Share List" and a pop-over menu should appear on the right.  A list of custom user groups should be listed and may look similar to below:

  4. You can now select a user group and choose "Add Group" to share the view, or if you wish to remove a group you can do so as well.  The list of shared groups is shown below and will update as you make changes.
  5. Once this is complete, each user will have access to utilize your views.