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Notifications are a great way to let the Avantalytics system do the monitoring work for you.  While reporting and manual analysis are always needed, we allow you to subscribe to a number of notification streams and we monitor events that might lead to a notification based on the criteria you set.  This could be monitoring employee hours to prevent/minimize overtime or to monitor drive time actual vs estimated discrepancies or to be alerted to a new competitor price promotion and much more.

Notifications that are triggered are add to the queue, but you can also have them emailed to you when they occur to make sure you don't miss it.

Notification Listing

Table of Contents

Learn About Popular Use Cases
  • Get Notified About New POS Data
    In many cases retail data arrives on irregular schedules - setting a notification can allow you to delay reporting until the new data has arrived.

  • Get Notified About Large Perpetual Count Changes
    With hundreds of on hand count changes being made throughout the days and weeks during season, usually you only want to be alerted to changes which indicate a large impact.

Setting Notifications

To set a notification click on the notification you want to open the accordion - you'll see two tabs, the "New Notification" and "Existing Notification" options.  Every notification can have different criteria which need to be met to trigger a notification, but you can see in the example below that you can select one or more employees and an hour threshold in order to be alerted when the cumulative daily clocked-in hours exceeds a threshold.  You can have multiple notifications each with different settings and managing them is done through the "Existing Notifications"  tab.

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