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The Sell Thru Retail $ Heat Map insight panel is one of a suite of insight panels we have that specifically assist you with analyzing your sell thru data. Please refer to the related links in the right-hand column to find a list of the rest of the panels that tackle the data reporting for sell thru, as building a view that is optimized for sell thru data may be extremely valuable to you and is as simple as dragging all of these panels to a single view and saving it for continued analysis.

The Sell Thru Retail $ Heat Map quickly helps you to identify patterns and anomalies in sell thru trends based on geography. This panel allows you to scan a map to see if one state is underperforming, then quickly drill down into intuitive reporting interfaces that can reveal the exact location of the problem, allowing you to quickly triage and deal with inventory problems and streamline sales overall. The sell thru percentages are divided into <10%, 10-20%, 20-30% and so forth, and each decile is assigned a color code, easily decoded by you using the handy color key on the bottom of the panel.

Anatomy of the Sell Thru Retail $ Heat Map