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Reporting is a core function of Avantalytics.  Whether you're exploring data underlying insight panels, or embedding a report within Excel for automatic refreshing of weekly data - reports are how you investigate your data more extensively. Avantalytics also allows you to automatically schedule reports, automatically distribute reports internally and externally to people of your choosing, and even embed our live data-updating capabilities as a webquery into your Excel spreadsheets so you can always have the data that you want, when you want and how you want.

Please use the links on the left and continue reading to learn about how to utilize all the capabilities to best save you time and provide the necessary data to the appropriate parties within your organization and throughout your industry.

Table of Contents

Latest Features

6/9/2021 --  We've added the ability to choose report time frames for the current year and compare them to any of the prior years, subject to your data availability.  Enabled specifically to allow pre-pandemic normal sales behavior be compared to post-pandemic sales behavior while ignoring the sometimes fantastic sales behaviors during the pandemic.  To use this feature, look for the added drop down below the time period option in the reporting once you chosen a report which supports the feature.