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Report History is a very simple and helpful feature that automatically tracks all of your reports that you have run and stores them in one handy place on the Avantalytics website. From this page, you can re-run, schedule and favorite reports.

Step-by-step guide

To access Avantalytics' Report History feature:

  1. Navigate to Reporting > Report History (click all images to expand):

  2. Your landing page looks like the below image. Here is a master list of all of the reports you have run. The search bar along the top allows you to filter to specific reports by any metric it's stored (report name, report number, log ID, etc):

  3. You can also add notes, re-run the report, schedule report delivery, favorite the report or review the report properties (without rerunning it.) If you re-run the report, the report will open in a new tab:

    Entering Report Notes

    Re-Running a Report

    Scheduling a Report

    Adding Report to Favorites

  4. Reviewing report properties - click on the last icon on the right and the properties for the report will pop up.

That's all there is to the Report History feature itself.

If you favorite any of the reports, make sure to navigate to any of your insight panel views, click the "+" sign to add a panel to your view, expand Efficiency Insights and click to add a "Favorite Reports" panel. That way, any report you favorite is right there at the tip of your fingers!

Example of Favorite Reports Insight Panel