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The Region Weekly Sales Trend operates much like its sister panel the Weekly Sales Trend, but its purpose is distinctly different. This panel is the graph-stye panel optimized for custom regions. Because this Insight Panel is for displaying data for custom regions, unlike the Weekly Sales Trend, it can only show information for one retailer at a time. If you're familiar with custom regions, you may have noticed that the store lists from which custom regions can be created are retailer-specific - therefore we cannot mix and match between retailers using this panel, either, as each of the customizable attributes available in the gear must be retailer specific.

With this one limitation in mind, this panel allows you to easily compare time-based sales trends for common items across any number of custom regions you may have created. It is very useful for evaluating relative sales performance between custom geographic areas, whether they are salesperson territories, planogram set areas, promotional or marketing campaign areas or any other custom region you choose to designate.

So just as the State Sales Heat Map, the Category Overview and the Weekly Sales Trend are the map, table & graph compliments to one another, the Region Weekly Sales Trend is the graph-style compliment to the State Sales Heat Map (map-style) and the Category Overview (table-style). Layering these three together will give you the what, where and when of sales data, divided by custom region.

Anatomy of the Region Weekly Sales Trend