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Often times you may wish to add and / or manage ordering exceptions to prevent certain locations from getting certain items.  While you can manage this overall with availability rules, sometimes adding time-constrained exceptions is a useful alternative because the exception preventing orders can be set and will automatically expire at a reasonable time of your choosing.  To do this you can upload any number of exceptions with automatic begin and ending dates and store comments for the purpose.  As with all upload entries in Avantalytics, this can be managed easily via copy/paste from Excel in the screenshot shown below:

In the screenshot above, you'll notice the three options for entering exceptions. 

The first is a "full replace" which will eliminate any/all exceptions for the retailer(s) chainIDs specified in your upload before replacing with the new exceptions you upload. 

The second option is strictly for adding new exceptions – it will not remove existing exceptions and will only overwrite an existing exception when there is another existing exception with the exact same store number, item number, begin and end date. 

The third option is a hybrid of the first two and will evaluate exceptions based on the store / item and will remove any existing exceptions that have a duration overlapping any new exception you wish to upload. 


If you have an existing exception on store 3301 item 12345 from 1/1/2000-1/1/2025  and you upload a new exception for the same store and item with a begin and end date of 1/1/2021-5/1/2021 – because this overlaps the date of the existing, we'll assume you wish to replace the long duration exception with the newer more specific exception.

Viewing Exception(s)

You can view your current exceptions using the following report:

Order Generation Store / Item Exception List (129)

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