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Sales reports in this category provide a multitude of POS sales reports as well as shipment sales reports.  They are generally geared to reporting your information as opposed to providing in depth research capabilities.  Despite this, they can be very helpful and insightful as you can customize them in a myriad of ways. 

Report Names & Numbers

The list of reports in a section can be daunting to search given the number of reports. Many of the reports in this section are identical except for the level of detail the report provides. For example - there is a report called "Sales By Item" which displays item totals of sales. There is also a report called "Sales By Item / Market" and another called "Sales By Item / Store". They all display the same data, just displayed with lesser or greater level of geographic granularity. Knowing this - simply look for the forward slash in the name to detail how the data is delineated.

Specific Report Information

To learn more about each of the reports in this category - click the link for the specific report on the left of this page.