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Avantalytics offers two ways to utilize the mobility features available.  The first is a mobile-optimized website for our customers who have workers out in the field. The web interface does not utilize an app-based method for service delivery, but instead utilizes a web-based, "app-like" interface specifically designed for smart phones and smaller tablets.  The second is through the use of the native app available for download on either an iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.  We recommend using the native apps whenever possible and utilizing the web interface as a fallback or if you need to use a computer to access the service.

Table of Contents

Getting Logged In

To access the mobile interface from your phone or tablet, open either Google Chrome or Apple Safari (depending on your phone) and navigate to:

You should see a login screen like the picture to your right.  In order to log in, you will need to enter your username (which is normally your email address) and password. If this is your first time logging in, it will ask you to set a new password. Do so, and you may then proceed.


Upon first visiting this site, Avantalytics will ask to utilize your GPS location. You must allow this in order to access Avantalytics' services. Rejecting this will not allow you to enter the "Localized Mode," described below. If you accidentally reject the site from using the GPS - read below on how to reset this, depending on your phone operating system:

Resetting GPS for iPhone

Resetting GPS For Android

Avantalytics Mobile Login Page

Localized vs Non-Localized Mode

Once you've successfully logged in, you'll see a screen which (depending on your account) may have some, but not all of the icons shown in the image to the right.


The application is meant to operate in two modes - "Localized" and "Non-Localized" mode.  When you first log in, you are put in "Non-Localized" mode.  In this mode, you have access to the general functionality of the website, with the main exception being your ability to access retail store-specific information.

Most users will spend the majority of their time in "Localized" mode. To localize, simply click on the "Localize" icon in the top center of the screen. In a few seconds, you should be presented with a number of nearby retail locations allowing you to choose one to localize to. 

Avantalytics Mobile Home Page

Store Visits

Once you localize to a store, the page should refresh, and you should see a screen that looks like the screen to the right. You should see options specifically relating to the store you just localized, with icons that include, but aren't limited to: Sales Data, Inventory Data, Tasks, and more.

Some important things to keep in mind:

When you localize:

1.)   You are automatically clocked in with the type code 'retail'.  This is handy because, if you're an hourly employee, this saves you the step of having to clock-in separately.

2.) A waypoint is created for your visit to allow you to track your mileage as well, should you wish to.

3.) A store visit record is automatically created, and the phone will continue to monitor your time while in the store until you choose "Leave Store." During your store visit, you can perform many tasks, upload pictures and take notes, all of which are attached to this specific store visit.

Avantalytics Localized Screen

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