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After install Office / Excel 365 - The user no longer sees the familiar method for importing webquery report data.  Instead they see the options below.


The solution involves opening the Excel options and finding and re-enabling the legacy import options. See below.

Click on the "File Menu" and on the bottom left corner you should see the "Options" selection - click this:

  1. You should now be viewing all the options for Microsoft Excel - in particular we want to select "Data" - the third option from the top on the left shown below:
  2. Once you click "Data" - not on the right on the bottom is a list of checkboxes under "Show legacy data import wizards"
  3. Check (at least) the "From Text" legacy import option.
  4. Press the "OK" button.
  5. Open a new workbook.
  6. Navigate to the "Data" menu to active the Data Ribbon options as per normal.
  7. Choose the "Get Data" - the first option on the left hand side.
  8. When the dropdown menu appears - notice there is a Legacy Wizards Option - select that and you should see the option for the old import which proceeds as you'd expect. (Shown below)