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The Custom Regions Overview is a very helpful Insight Panel. It is the table-style compliment to the map-style Custom Region Heat Map as well as the graph-style Region Weekly Sales Trend, as all three panels are driven by custom regions that you have set up. For instructions on how to set up custom regions, please visit the Custom Regions documentation page. The Custom Regions Overview allows you to utilize and view sales metrics for multiple custom regions in a handy table format that is familiar to most of us.

Common use cases for relying on this insight panel include creating a "Salesperson Comparison," where each custom region shown in your dashboard corresponds to each specific salesperson's territory for which he or she is responsible.  All of these options can be managed within the Settings Gear option and, unlike other panels which have some default settings, this one requires you to choose at least one custom region in order to display data.

Anatomy of the Custom Regions Overview

Getting around the Settings Gear

Settings Gear Options for Custom Region Overview Insight Panel

Did you know?

You are required to select at least one custom region from the Settings Gear before results are displayed. Pressing "CTRL" or "⌘" while clicking on regions from the list allows you to highlight multiple regions for display.