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Note: Before you use this map, please make sure you know how to set up custom regions.

The third heat map variant Avantalytics introduced, the Custom Region Heat Map is specifically tailored for displaying custom regions only, and does not display all state data or all market/patch data by default, as the State & Region Sales Heat map displays. While the Region Sales Heat Map is also able to display custom regions, this map has a lot more options in the Settings Gear specifically designed for refining your custom region display parameters. This map is divided along state lines rather than markets/patches, but if you instruct this map to display a custom region, the custom region will display data as a single market that is a combination of all markets/patches which contain stores within the designated custom region.

This method of displaying the custom regions can have a leg-up on the Region Sales Heat Map, as that insight panel will simply display the distinct markets and patches that make up a custom region, with their respective sales figures, whereas the Custom Region Heat Map combines all markets and patches within a custom region into one unified region, displaying the sales figures as an aggregate average of all sales for that custom region. The anatomy figure below is an excellent example of how the data is displayed.

The Custom Region Heat Map is the sister panel to the Custom Regions Overview and the Region Weekly Sales Trend.

Anatomy of the Custom Region Heat Map

Custom Region Heat Map Basics - Video Tutorial

Most of the actual navigation around the Custom Region Heat Map is identical to how the State Sales Heat Map works, so we recommend that you watch the State Sales Heat Map tutorial video to familiarize yourself with interacting with Avantalytics heat map-style insight panels.

Did you know?

The Custom Region Heat Map runs reports just like the State Sales Heat Map! If you click on any region displayed on the Custom Region Heat Map, it will automatically run a report in a new tab and display all of the parameters you set up in the Settings Gear in a table format you can then export to Excel.

Getting around the Settings Gear


Displayed to the right is a screenshot of the customizable settings for the Custom Region Heat Map. This map is designed to give you granular control on what data you want displayed.

Did you know?

You can display more than one custom region at a time if you wish. Simply press the "CTRL" or "⌘" key on your computer while clicking to be able to select or deselect each available region.

Settings Gear Options for Custom Region Heat Map Insight Panel