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Category monitoring allows you to see what your competitors are doing with sales, which new products they have introduced, which products are identical or similar to your products and more. This ability to keep an eye on the retailer is invaluable. Sometimes, being able to understand what the competing retailer is doing with their pricing structure can do a lot to keep your merchant happy and encourage the patience needed to let a promotion continue without immediately marking an item down. In other cases, your product may not be selling well, and our services can help you quickly discover that it's sitting next to a competitor’s item that is cheaper, prompting you to take the correct steps necessary to resolve the issue. The integrated drill-down features of our online reports helps you delve even deeper to determine the extent of what is going on with your items versus your competitors' items. For example, it’s often the case that your competitor has multiple items that are competing against yours and perhaps only one of their items is marked down. Such information will help you find the best possible way to merchandise and promote your items.