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Managing the flow of information to and from your field operations teams can be difficult. Avantalytics' mobility service focuses on organizing data - so that you can focus on what the data means and leverage your field presence.

The app is capable of allowing field staff to do the following:

  1. Localizing to a specific store, so staff can receive store-specific tasks and inventory lists
  2. Automatically clocking staff in and out when they localize to and leave a store, thereby tracking work hours
  3. Managing in-store inventory through both a built-in bar code scanner and a comprehensive inventory list
  4. Assign staff store-specific tasks and questionnaires outside of the basic inventory tasks
  5. Allow staff to upload relevant stock photos and add notes tied to specific store visits
  6. Track shipment details

We have launched a native app for Apple and iOS. Make sure to head to the Apple Store or Google Play to download the Avantalytics app. It has all of the same features of the old, web-based app, but is faster, cleaner and more efficient. We will continue to have the legacy web app, but will not be sending out updates for the app as time goes on. If you are looking for trouble-shooting and other information on the original version, please check out our page on the legacy web app. Otherwise, head on over to the native app page to learn more.

Native Avantalytics App

Legacy Avantalytics Web App

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