Blog from April, 2020

If you're a pay-by-scan vendor responsible for maintaining your own inventory, you've probably run across the case where a field person incorrectly enters an erroneous count in their mobile app.  Whether they meant to change the count from 50 to 40 and accidentally hit 400, or whether they forgot to put a negative (minus) sign in front of the count to signal a relative decrease, the result is your inventory can change by a lot very quickly!  Luckily monitoring for these things is easy and making corrections is just as easy.


Getting alerted to large inventory changes is simple - just go into your Notifications in the main website and find the Perpetual Count Adjustment Notification.  The options will look like below.  You can customize which stores to monitor, which items (or all items) and set thresholds by units or cost$ values.  Choose whether to receive email notifications, mobile app notifications or both!  As you do this, you'll get notified of large changes that might warrant follow-up and correction.

Correcting Errors

To correct any errors, simply run Merchandiser Markdowns History (88) report for the time period / store involved, find the erroneous count and double click on the "Adjusted OH" value.  A popup will show up allowing you to correct the issue right away.  The counts get automatically adjusted and you're done!

Call 2020 the year of the integration - we've implemented the ability to extend integration beyond EDI with Wal-Mart's AS2 reporting integration.  What is this?  Put simply its the ability to have any report from RetailLink sent to us and we can integrate the data directly into your account.  EDI data is good, but as many people know sometimes the data in Retail Link changes "after the fact" - which is weird, by the way, but it happens.  The only way to solve this is to integrate using RetailLink and their AS2 report delivery!  By doing so you can overcome data changes, ensure accuracy and augment or replace the EDI data if needed, very simply.  Our systems are ready to accept reports - integration typically takes 1-2 weeks!  Oh, and there is no extra charge for up to 3 integrated reports!

With the news in late 2019 of the rollout of THD's supplier analytics platform we began working on a direct integration for our customers to allow them to transition away from the Home Depot EDI852 ahead of its retirement in Spring 2020.  There were many technical issues we wanted to simplify for our customers - ultimately to get it to a managed service point allowing them to be completely buffered from the internal changes to ensure a seamless transition.  Fast forward to 2020 in March and we completed the transition for all customers - allowing customers to now get daily granularity of data (if they were not doing so before) visibility, to capture accurate retail prices - integrated with their costing data in a seamless way, fuse THD attributes and classifications with customer items into their own to allow customers to view data through either lens easily, create the ability to store on-hand data on a daily basis with not expiration (as opposed to the THD limit of 60 days) and so much more.

To put it simply - our integration has been a huge hit with customers.  They're now able to integrate the best of all words in one place and have it right along side all their other retail data.  What is more - we're able to do this at no additional cost to our clients!

If you're reading this and finding the Askuity isn't what you expected and are looking for a true mature retail platform - we're here to help, the integration is proven and easy and you can get historical data, item attributes and more integrated and up and running in less than one week!  Contact today to learn about our Spring promotions relating to this integration.

Hello, we've come through winter and into a pandemic, but that hasn't stopped us from continuing to innovate around retail analytics at amazing rate.   Over the next 30 days we'll begin to update our users on the new features that have been in development with key client partners and early adopters as they become ready for general adoption.  Our first is a small, but helpful one - the integration of UPC 128A barcode generation.  Put simply we've integrated the ability to get the barcode (for scanning purposes) wherever you find a UPC in our service currently.  The genesis of this came from the increasing use of barcode scanning in-stores and at customer locations for inventory tracking and more.  Often times either we or our customers were found without a barcode to use and so we figured - lets integrate a generator to turn any 12 digit UPC into a barcode!  Below is a sneak peak at a couple reports where its available and the output. Expect to see this in many more places!

Simply clicking on the web report link for the UPC opens a new window with the ability to then scan using the mobile app barcode scanner right on your computer screen!